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Peaks and Waves is an independent travel blog set up in 2018 which aims at allowing readers to jump into a whole new world through writing and photography. From destination reviews, to travel related articles this blog hopes to inspire a new generation of explorers and give inspiration to those avid travellers already amongst us…

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My own personal journey began back in the winter of 2009 (I was 18 for those of you wondering). I had of course travelled before then, but my outlook on life and travel was totally different. Narrow minded, a creature of habit, not comfortable with change. If a destination was found and enjoyed that’s where I would rather be than anywhere new and (god forbid) potentially worse.

I call this the comfort zone, a place where I’d say a good proportion of the population belong to… and there’s nothing wrong with that right?
If you find somewhere which makes you happy then why change it… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” the saying goes.
I don’t think that’s wrong, in fact I’d go as far as to say there is no right or wrong, just differing outlooks. But what I would say is this; time does not stand still. As the famous Professor Brain Cox wrote “Nothing can resist the arrow of time, nothing can last forever, no star can shine without an end and no planet can continue to turn. The universe, bound by the laws of nature, must decay towards a radically different tomorrow”. On a side note you’ve just come across my first little quirk, I must apologise in advance but I’m a quote junkie. My unhealthy obsession with quotes inevitably spills out into this blog, and you will find favourite quotes of mine littered around.
I believe that quote makes a crucial point in relation to travel – Nothing will ever be exactly the same. We can attempt to replicate moments, but with every experience somewhere we are in fact capturing a unique moment in time. This became quite apparent to my younger self, that younger self which had found his comfort zone and did not want to be budged from it… A yearly family vacation to the island of Zakynthos in Greece.

As a family we had found a perfect holiday, a place where we felt at home. For my parents it was probably easier to just keep returning on the basis that they didn’t want to upset the apple cart so to speak. However, things change, people change, hotels change, countries change. The hotel in which we loved and felt at home suddenly took a huge backwards step, it just wasn’t the same anymore. This was a huge eye-opener to me a month before I turned 18, and inevitably adult hood. Maybe it was time to explore a bit, maybe, just maybe there was more out there to be experienced than that one hotel on the tiny island of Zakynthos.Becoming an adult is an experience on its own, allowing us to all of a sudden spread our wings and test new waters without constraints of childhood. Half a year after turning 18 I got the opportunity to visit Budapest with a friend. The whole concept of traveling at this point in my life was a complete unknown entity for me, and very much a learning process. It opened the door into this whole new world out there, it was like this resonating moment where there is a realisation that there is a whole planet out there just waiting to be explored like a blank canvas. It became obvious to me quite quickly that my views on travel and life had been changed quite drastically forever. That feeling I got from experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, seeing places totally alien but exquisite all the same was a high I knew I wouldn’t be able to live without. With further travels this sensation only grew stronger… Travelling had become my drug.

Following on from this I spent time living and working in both Cyprus and Poland, whilst continuing my own personal travels elsewhere. Becoming a professional skier at 19 was huge in allowing me to explore unfamiliar places, and gain invaluable experiences179356_10150093770643189_674128188_6160090_5775734_n. Although I was spending a lot of my time travelling, it was a personal thing which involved a variety of people. It wasn’t until 2015 I met someone with the same goals and outlook as myself.  Since she came along we have spent our time together exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and importantly learning and improving ourselves. People like to spend their well-earned money on a variety of lifestyle choices, and quite rightly they can choose what that may be. For us it’s travel, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. A companion both in relationship and travel can only be seen as a positive… Travel together, stay together.

Along with travel I have many different passions including sport, photography, and fashion, but to those who know me they probably wouldn’t suspect writing to be one of them. Creative writing however has always been something which has come quite naturally to me, something which I enjoy doing. As a child I had a pretty robust imagination (I still do in a way), and I was able to express that quite well on paper more so than when asked to vocalise my thoughts. My major let down when it came to English was academically speaking my spelling, grammar, punctuation etcetera was poor… I struggled. For example, I would put capital letters in random places, in fact I still have to concentrate not to do that. Its strange I know where they should go and where they shouldn’t go, but its like my hand just wants to do its own thing. I would get contrasting reports from tests and teachers, and this possibly put me off pursuing writing any further. In my own time though I’ve always continued to write, and its only recently I toyed with the idea of linking some of my passions together. “How about a travel blog?”

I’ve nearly talked myself out of it a thousand times, but I finally bit the bullet and went through with it. I decided on the name ‘Peaks and Waves’ as it links travel to two things I am personally fond of, surfing and skiing. I hope you enjoy my articles, pictures, stories and anything you might find helpful and welcome any feedback or interaction. So, browse away and more importantly immerse yourself in the exciting world of travel culture and lifestyle… enjoy!



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